UPDATE NOVEMBER 9: The week of November 15th we are transitioning to Phreesia Check In for patients. Patient forms and medical history will be entered by the patient either by email or text links sent to a smart phone or computer and filled out in the comfort of your home. Forms can also be filled out in office using an in office tablet available.  We will require a mask or face covering through the end of the month and reevaluate at that time, using CDC guidelines. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time wearing a mask or face covering, and ensuring social distancing. 

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Your feet are the foundation of your body. Foot conditions can seriously impact your mobility and your quality of life, but our podiatrists can help get you back on the move again!

Our website is here to provide you with the information you need about our practice. We also provide information on common foot conditions. We want to help you keep your feet healthy, and the more you know, the happier your feet will be!

Many foot conditions can worsen without prompt treatment from a qualified podiatrist. So don’t hesitate--if something feels wrong, call (706) 776-3132 to schedule an appointment today.

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